Photo by : John Allison  @       Riverside Framing
Millerstown Borough Council  Meeting Minutes August 7, 2017 Those   in   attendance:      President   Bill   Roush,   Council   members   Jackie   Minium,   Bruce   Hengst   and   Donna   Showers.   Secretary   Karen Knellinger, Plant Manager Dave Stroup and Ben Shull from HRG. President Roush presided; meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Public and Private Concerns None The   minutes   from   the   last   meeting   were   previously   emailed   and   reviewed.   Councilmember   Minium   made   a   motion   to   approve the minutes as presented.  Councilmember Hengst seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous. The   bills/receipts/expenditures   were   reviewed.   Councilmember   Minium   made   a   motion   to   approve   the   bills   and   expenditures. Councilmember Hengst seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous.  Street Committee Report The   Market   Street   paving   project   is   almost   done.   They   have   to   seal,   put   in   signs   and   a   few   small   things   to   finish.   Dave   advises there   are   several   spots   the   State   will   need   to   lower   because   the   bottoms   of   vehicles   hit   and   the   cinder   spreader   will   be   damaged in   the   snow.   Dave   will   contact   the   contractor.      He   is   going   to   get   some   cold   patch   for   the   bigger   potholes   and   when   he   gets back   from   vacation,   he   will   try   to   get   some   hot   patch   to   make   them   more   permanent.   There   was   a   discussion   about   co-opping   a blacktop roller with Greenwood or Tuscarora Township. Dave will need to speak with some of the other municipal employees.  Sewer Committee Report None Water Committee Report Dave is speaking with Modern Pump about a spare pump for the well house. Finance Committee Report Secretary   Knellinger   contacted   PSAB   about   a   lower   electric   program.   They   will   bid   the   four   accounts   currently   not   on   the program with CPEC. The budget meeting time needs to be set but Chair Shipp is not in attendance.  Solid Waste Report The Fall Clean Up day is Saturday October 7 th  from 8-12. Engineer’s Report Dave   handled   the   inspections   on   Market   Street.   The   Borough   contract   with   Penn   Dot   is   75/25.   They   will   be   billing   the   Borough 25%   of   the   manholes   and   valve   costs.   Ben   has   an   updated   draft   for   the   chlorine   conversion   project   and   wants   Dave   to   review then   he   will   submit   to   DEP.   It   is   possible   they   will   charge   $750   if   they   consider   this   a   major   amendment   to   the   original   plan. HRG has no way of knowing if the charges will apply, this is Dep’s discretion. Mayor’s Report Absent Solicitor’s Report None Old Business The   end   of   Locust   Street   has   an   accumulation   of   junk.   Letters   need   to   be   sent   and   Secretary   Knellinger   needs   addresses.   Iron Mountain   Road   needs   shale;   we   put   1B   stone   and   graded   the   top.   Greenwood   Township   needs   to   get   their   part   done   to   prevent washing   of   stone   into   the   drains   during   heavy   rain.   Council   would   like   to   see   the   road   paved   and   not   tar   and   chipped.   Possibly road millings could be applied with some tar next year. There has been no response from the townships on the 1mill fire tax.   New Business President   Roush   advised   a   small   loan   might   be   needed   to   pave   some   streets;   this   will   be   discussed   at   length   in   the   budget sessions. A motion was made by Councilmember Showers to adjourn. Councilmember Hengst seconded the motion. The next meeting will be held Monday, September 11th at 7:00 PM. A week delayed because of the holiday.
Photo by : John Allison  @       Riverside Framing