Photo by : John Allison  @       Riverside Framing
Millerstown Borough Council  Meeting Minutes February 7, 2017 Those   in   attendance:      President   Bill   Roush,   Vice   president   Rob   Shipp,   Council   members   Jackie   Minium,   Bruce Hengst   and   Donna   Showers.   Secretary   Karen   Knellinger,   Plant   Manager   Dave   Stroup,   Jen   Miller   and   Ben   Shultz from HRG. President Roush presided; meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Public and Private Concerns None The   minutes   from   the   last   meeting   were   previously   emailed   and   reviewed.   Councilmember   Hengst   made   the motion to approve the minutes as read. Vice President Shipp seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous. The   bills/receipts/expenditures   were   reviewed.   Councilmember   Minium   made   a   motion   to   approve   the   bills   and expenditures. Councilmember Showers seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous.   Street Committee Report Dave   said   Greenwood   Township   does   not   think   Iron   Mt   Road   can   be   graded.   It   needs   to   be   reshaled.   The   idea   of tar   and   chip   was   discussed   and   Dave   will   contact   Supervisor   Chris   Seiber   for   his   opinion.   A   better   price   could   be negotiated if the entire road would be done at the same time.  Sewer Committee Report A   violation   letter   was   just   received   from   DEP   for   the   overflow   that   happened   in   June   of   2015.   A   localized   storm with   5”   of   rain   in   an   hour   occurred   which   resulted   in   a   one-time   event   of   an   overflow   on   Market   Street.   HRG   is aware   of   the   situation   and   will   set   up   and   attend   a   meeting   with   DEP   and   Chair   Reilly.   Dave   advises   he   was mistaken   at   budget   planning   and   thought   the   brushes   he   needed   for   the   UV   system   would   be   one   set.   He   actually needs   8   sets   which   is   a   cost   difference   of   $1,400.   The   old   ones   are   worn   out   and   they   are   necessary   for   the   function of   the   plant.   They   old   ones   lasted   four   years,   which   they   were   to   only   last   two.   Chair   Shipp   authorized   Dave   to   buy the brushes as the plant cannot run without them. The Council agreed. Engineer’s Report Dave   had   an   inspection   of   the   entire   water   system   from   DEP   on   January   25th.   They   have   not   inspected   in   almost four   years.   Many   minor,   correctable   violations   were   addressed.   HRG   will   help   to   eliminate   the   administrative issues.   DEP   wants   to   know   all   the   composition   of   pipes   since   the   inception   of   the   water   system.   These   records   do not   exist   for   all   the   piping   but   Dave   will   try   to   advise   them   the   best   he   can.   A   letter   of   the   issues   will   be   formulated after   contact   with   DEP   for   the   general   public   explaining   the   violations   and   posted   to   a   community   site   to   be determined.   Jen   from   HRG   will   help   formulate   the   letter.   A   defect   was   found   in   fire   hydrants   recently   purchased and the manufacture visited and found one valve connection that needed to be replaced at no cost to the Borough. Water Committee Report Previously discussed in Engineers report. Finance Committee Report None Solid Waste Report None Mayor’s Report Absent Solicitor’s Report Minor   changes   were   suggested   for   the   cell   tower   agreement.      Councilmember   Minium   made   a   motion   to   approve the    cell    tower    agreement    after    the    changes    have    been    made.    Councilmember    Hengst    seconded    the    motion. Approval was unanimous.   Old Business Sale   of   the   generator   and   trailer   were   discussed.   Dave   wants   to   look   into   Coleman   Surplus   in   Middleburg   and   see   if we cannot purchase a generator on a trailer ready to go and can be hooked into the system. New Business Web   master   Reilly   has   had   several   requests   for   a   mobile   friendly   website.   He   needs   to   purchase   a   software program   for   $40   and   will   do   all   the   modifications.   Vice   President   Shipp   made   a   motion   to   approve   the   purchase   of the   software   program.   Councilmember   Showers   seconded   the   motion.   Approval   was   unanimous.   Andy   Romano purchased   a   garage   on   Poplar   Street   and   requested   an   address   for   mail   delivery.   Chair   Minium   suggests   the   same as   Campbell   on   Sunbury   Street.   Pa   One   Call   asked   for   the   Council   to   proclaim   April   as   Safe   Digging   Month. Council approved the Proclamation and a copy will be forwarded to them.   Zoning Permits None A   motion   was   made   by   Vice   President   Shipp   to   adjourn   to   Executive   Session.   Councilmember   Hengst   seconded the motion. Return to regular session: Plant   operator   Joseph   Baker   resignation   effective   2/13/17   was   accepted.   A   replacement   will   be   needed   as   soon   as possible   to   train   under   Dave.   Secretary   Knellinger   will   advertise   for   the   position   in   several   newspapers.   Solicitor Miner will be consulted for a contract agreement for tenure to offset the cost of schooling. A motion was made by Councilmember Minium to adjourn. Councilmember Hengst seconded the motion. The next meeting will be held Monday, March 6 th  at 7:00 PM.
Photo by : John Allison  @       Riverside Framing