Photo by : John Allison  @       Riverside Framing
Millerstown Borough Council   Meeting Minutes February 5 2018 Those in attendance: President Rob Shipp, Vice President Bruce Hengst, Council members Donna Showers and Tim Ritzman. Secretary Karen Knellinger, Plant Manager Dave Stroup, Mayor Scott Arbegast and Cory Salmon from HRG. President Shipp called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm. Councilmember election was tabled for a month to fill the late Bill Roushs seat. Two candidates had asked to be considered: Marilyn Lauver and Rich Fegley. After the meeting, Karl Minium also expressed his desire to be considered. All three candidates are in attendance. The candidate will be appointed until the next Municipal election which will be November of 2019 for 2020. The petition must be circulated by March 2019 to appear on the general election ballot for 2020. President Shipp asked for any final statements or questions of the candidates. Councilmember Showers asked Ms. Lauver if possibly being on Council would interfere with the job at the Senior Citizen Center. Ms. Lauver said there would be no conflicts at all. President Shipp called for a vote from Council: Councilmember Ritzman: Rich Fegley Vice President Hengst: Rich Fegley President Shipp: Rich Fegley Councilmember Showers: Marilyn Lauver Rich Fegley was appointed to Council with a 3-1 vote. At this time, Mr. Fegley was sworn in by Mayor Arbegast. Public and Private Concerns Jason Finnerty, Millerstown resident and representing Tri County Regional Planning Commission, wanted to reach out and explain any questions on the Penn Dot Transportation Plan or the update of the Perry County Hazard Mitigation Plan which is every 5 years. He also can review the existing zoning ordinance. An upcoming project will be the bridge over Rt. 322 from Newport. Jason was unsure if the bridge will be completely closed to all traffic or one lane at a time. The coordinator for Penn Dot lives in Liverpool and he will contact them for clarification. Greg Cromer, an aerial photographer from Virginia, presented a framed print of the town taken in the fall. The cost is $150 for 20x28, $195 for 24x36 or smaller for $95. Vice President Hengst made a motion to purchase the framed print for $150. Councilmember Showers seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous. Mr. Cromer will email an invoice to Secretary Knellinger. The minutes from the reorganizational meeting were previously emailed and reviewed.   Vice President Hengst made a motion to approve the minutes as presented.  Councilmember Showers seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous. The minutes from the last regular meeting were previously emailed and reviewed.   Councilmember Ritzman made a motion to approve the minutes as presented. Vice President Hengst seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous. The bills/receipts/expenditures were reviewed. President Shipp noted the bill for Grosser Excavating for the water main break on Sunbury Street for $6,291.71. Vice President Hengst made a motion to approve the bills and expenditures. Councilmember Fegley seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous.  Street Committee Report Chair Ritzman advised Dave has vacation scheduled next week, if there will be snow he will assist Sam in plowing. Pa One Call or 811 made a yearly request the Council declare April as Safe Digging Month by accepting a proclamation.  Vice President Hengst made a motion to accept the proclamation. Councilmember Ritzman seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous. Dave advises the salt supply is okay, it was just delivered. Greenwood Township advised Iron Mountain Road will not qualify for the Dirt and Gravel Road program through the County. Dave needs to be certified before it could be tar and chipped and classes are not available until late summer. The boroughs portion will need to be shaled at some point this year. Sewer Committee Report Dave advises there is a blockage in a sewer line at a manhole on Walnut and Locust Street. PRWA brought a camera but it will only go so far because of a massive root ball. They put a dissolver in, Root X, but Tim Sagel will need to dig it up and a section will need to be cut out and replaced. They will back fill with stone and Klines will need to jet vac the pipe. Dave advises this took some time to grow and the repair will be weather dependent. Water Committee Report Grosser Excavating fixed a water main break on Sunbury Street. At that time, Dave found a valve he cannot turn and one that does not hold. With the freezing and thawing, the cast iron can snap so there may be more breaks. The valves will need to be repaired when it warms up. A backflow prevention mandate went into effect by DEP in 1974. Each homeowner must install a backflow preventer so their water from their home does not backflow into the water and contaminate the entire system. President Shipp asked why we are just hearing about this now. Dave advises DEP has not been strictly enforcing it before but now since the issues in Flint, Michigan, they will be. PRWA has a program to assist in getting an ordinance passed and home inspections. Their representative will be attending the next meeting with more information. Dave also advises he attended a class and a letter will need to be sent to Greenwood School District asking them not to apply any chemicals on the athletic fields. They are in the recharge area for the towns water supply and surface water runoff can contaminate the drinking water with weed killer, pesticides or fertilizer. He also ordered some piping supplies before the chlorination changeover at the reservoir. He wants to get some piping rerouted before this takes place. Finance Committee Report An E-cycling request was received for this year for $225. Last year they asked for $100 to $150 and the Borough gave $100. Secretary Knellinger will contact the County and find out if any residents from Millerstown participated. Tabled until next meeting. Signature cards will need to be redone at the bank. Solid Waste Report None Engineers Report Cory states the Chapter 94 and 110 reports are due in March. There is no news on the chlorination changeover permit from DEP. The Small Water Grant is due by February 28th but they would like to have it submitted by the 27th. The grant would be for $107,347 and the Borough would be responsible for $18,944. There is a meeting with Senator DiSanto on February 26th at 4pm in his office with Councilmembers Ritzman, Showers, Hengst and Dave to explain the need for his endorsement of the project. Mayors Report The Mayor had some questions about codes enforcement. After a concern letter is sent a complaint can be elevated to the Solicitor and the District Justice. Solicitors Report None Old Business A donation will be made to the Fire Company in the late Billy Roushs name. New Business The Governors Cabinet meeting will take place at Greenwood High School on 2/20. Preregistration is required for any member of Council to attend. Kim Savercool, tax collector, requires a flash drive with an approximate cost of $25 to store her records. Vice President Hengst made a motion to pay for the purchase of the flash drive. Councilmember Ritzman seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous. Joe Baker requests a letter stating he resigned from the Borough and was not relieved of his duties. This was approved to be sent. The Sidewalk Ordinance states 24 hours after a snowfall, all sidewalks must be cleared. There were several residents that did not do so. A warning letter will need to be sent out if this occurs again.  Zoning Permits None A motion was made by Vice President Hengst to adjourn. Councilmember Fegley seconded the motion. The next meeting will be held Monday, March 5th at 7:00 PM. 
Photo by : John Allison  @       Riverside Framing