Historic Town Places Glen Adams Park     Glen Adams Park became a reality July 10, l923, through the efforts of E. G. Kline and the liberality of Mrs. Annie Eckels. The town was granted privileges of the grove west of town for a park.   The citizens of Millerstown donated their time and energy to clear the grove and erect pavilions.          The young people pictured atop the slide are Alice and Davidson Black. People would use a wet burlap bag or a board to go down the slide into the water. How many people remember the camp meetings, picnics, swings, see-saws, pavilion and the eating stand at the same park? Ben Campbell owns one of the swing sets from the park and one of the old bathhouses can be found in Kate Fisher's yard.   Millerstown Shirt Factory   The dress factory located on West Main Street was built in 1912 by Banks W. Page and son Charles C. Page. This is a 40 x 120 foot well constructed, three story, brick structure. Prior to the erection of this building Banks Page operated a shirt factory from 1904 to 1912 at the corner of High Street and Poplar Alley. He had forty employees on his payroll. His son Charles became a partner in 1910 and they continued to manufacture men’s shirts. Four years after moving to the larger factory Banks Page retired from the partnership. The industry was sold in 1919 to the Phillips-Jones Corporation of New York City. In 1968 it became a dress factory and dresses were made under the ownership of Lyon Fashions. Following the closing of the dress factory, the building soon became the Stitch in Time, a successful antiques and gift mall with over 75 vendors.   Cluck's Corner   This market, located on the southwest corner of the square, has the distinction of being in continuous operation longer than any business in Millerstown. Prior to 1878 on this spot of ground, known as Cluck's Corner, was a dry goods store owned and operated by Thomas Cluck. From Ham's History of Perry County we learn that on April 17, 1878, the store burned, was rebuilt and Mr. Cluck continued his business until 1883. At this time he sold to the Cathcarts. In 1922 T. P. Cathcart sold to D. W. Heefner. Mr. Heefner continued in the dry goods and grocery business until he was forced, by ill health, to retire. The store was then sold to Blair R. Bice and Howard Swartz. This partnership was terminated in the mid 30's with Mr. Bice remaining as sole owner. September 1946, found another change in ownership when Mr. Bice sold to Drs. Harold and Roy Gelnett. They operated under the name of Gelnetts' Community Store until the death of Dr. Harold in 1952. Dr. Roy continued the business with S. S. Lauver as a managing partner. The name of the store was then changed to the 0 & L Market. In April 1963, the store was sold to Bob Sweger, and his brother, Eugene and the name became Swegers' Market. In 2004, Bob Sweger sold the store to Gary & Susie Turnbaugh and the store operated under the name Susie's Cafe & Convenience for several years. In 2009, the business was totally renovated and revived by the Roselli family, and now operates as JoJo's Pizza and Cafe Dolce.