April 24 : The Millerstown Lions Club is looking for help for Lions Clean Up Day on April 24 at 9 a.m.  Meet behind the Millerstown Fire Hall. MILLERSTOWN LIONS CLUB - CELEBRATING 76 YEARS OF SERVICE   Fellow Lions, This annual president's letter is probably the most critical in our chapters 76 year history! We face some serious challenges that threaten the continued existence of our club and the community services that we provide. Our club has a rich history and tradition of service that should not be cast aside without exhausting all efforts to keep our club alive. As you may know, our membership numbers have slipped over the last number of years (currently 19) and we have not been able to attract new members. I realize that this situation is not unprecedented in our community (Jaycees, Civic Club, VFW, etc.). I am convinced that the trend can be reversed, but not without a concerted effort on the part of all our members. Yes, there is a national trend of a lack of priority for volunteerism. Despite that fact, Lions International continues to grow as they celebrate their l00th Anniversary this year! Locally, we feel that the community and its residents have needs that will go unmet if our club is dissolved. Those activities include the scouts (which are inactive for the moment), the Halloween Parade,the Christmas lights,eye exams and glasses for the disadvantaged,the card party, and other various needs to which we contribute as they arise. In order to rejuvenate our club, I feel we need a two-fold approach. First of all, we need to increase our membership. To this end, our board has recommended that we initiate a more aggressive membership campaign that includes a higher visibility for our club and its activities in the community. This would include enhanced media coverage, signage plus a mailing to residents of the 17062 postal code. Also, our club has been reticent to admit women to our club, despite the approval and recommendation of our district, state, and national association. The vast majority of clubs have invited female membership. We could not legally reject admittance of women, who otherwise would qualify for membership. Therefore, our board also recommended that we accept women as members. We will formally vote on the clubs' willingness to solicit women as members at our meeting on Thursday, September 21, 2017. The second strategy to increase our club's viability is to expand our service opportunities. Youth baseball was once one of our prime service projects but with the advent of their own association, our participation became unnecessary. As the scouting program is struggling, we need to determine if our club has any role to play in rejuvenating their existence in our community. Our board has suggested additional projects that we could sponsor and support such as a Health Fair to be held in the spring of 2018. This would necessitate the cooperation of and participation by a health care provider. We could offer various health screenings, eye testing, blood drive, hearing tests, skin screenings, car seat safety, child fingerprinting/DNA, Diabetes walk, etc., etc. Also, we will consider another community event for the fall of 2019 which could include activities centered around the park and the river (walk, bike-a-thon, water safety, antique show, dog show, food, etc., etc.). On a negative note, the board felt the need to address the financial shortfall in dues we have been experiencing for some years. We have been charging $40 per year, while our commitment to the District and International level is $59 yearly, per member. Therefore, the board recommends an increase in dues to $60. We will be voting on this increase in dues at our September 21st meeting as well. None of these ideas can come to fruition without your further commitment to the ideals of our club, while honoring the dedication of those who came before us. We have been an asset to the Millerstown community since 1941 and we cannot let our service end now. On behalf of the board, I thank you for the exemplary service that many of you have supplied for several decades. Our mission is never-ending and your renewed commitment is needed and appreciated! Millerstown Lions Club Schedule April 24 : The Millerstown Lions Club is looking for help for Lions Clean Up Day on April 24 at 9 a.m.  Meet behind the Millerstown Fire Hall.
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April 24 : The Millerstown Lions Club is looking for help for Lions Clean Up Day on April 24 at 9 a.m.  Meet behind the Millerstown Fire Hall.