Photo by : John Allison  @       Riverside Framing
Millerstown Borough Council  Meeting Minutes March 6, 2017 Those   in   attendance:      President   Bill   Roush,   Council   members   Jackie   Minium,   Bruce   Hengst   and   Donna   Showers. Mayor John Kerns, Secretary Karen Knellinger, Plant Manager Dave Stroup, Jen Miller and Ben Shull from HRG. President Roush presided; meeting called to order at 7:04 pm. Public and Private Concerns The   local   dentist   Joe   Ciampa   asked   about   zoning   if   he   would   move   his   practice   to   a   Sunbury   Street   location.   The Council   advised   the   zoning   of   Village   Mixed   Use   permits   a   practice   and   they   would   have   no   objections   and   consider   it an improvement to the community. Curt   Black,   representing   the   Bicentennial   Project   2020,   gave   an   update   on   the   signs   to   be   purchased   and   erected throughout   town   and   at   the   Park.   He   also   advised   MCSI   would   like   to   repair   the   flag   pole   light   at   the   Borough building.   They   will   also   be   reviewing   the   sidewalks   in   town   and   contacting   homeowners   and   they   are   also   working   on moling under the islands on Market Street for possible water service. Chris   Foose,   the   Millerstown   Fire   Department   Chief   and   Amber   Fegley,   Millerstown   Fire   Department   President presented   an   update   on   the   financial   situation   of   the   fire   department.   They   will   need   to   purchase   over   $50,000   in radio   equipment   for   the   new   county   system.   They   also   need   to   replace   the   40   year   old   mini   pumper/brush   truck   with an   approximate   cost   of   $125,000-$150,000.   The   tanker   will   also   need   to   be   replaced   within   the   next   few   years   at   a cost   of   $300,000-$400,000.   Their   call   volumes   have   increased   along   with   improved   response   time.   They   have   also had   an   increase   in   their   membership   which   will   also   increase   training   costs.      They   will   be   applying   for   any   federal   or state   grants   available   but   they   will   need   financial   support   in   the   near   future   from   all   the   participating   municipalities. The   Council   was   sympathetic   to   their   needs   however,   at   this   time;   the   budget   has   been   completed   for   2017   with   little excess funds not allocated. The Council will review for 2018.   The   minutes   from   the   last   meeting   were   previously   emailed   and   reviewed.   Councilmember   Hengst   made   the   motion to approve the minutes as read. Councilmember Showers seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous. The   bills/receipts/expenditures   were   reviewed.   Councilmember   Minium   made   a   motion   to   approve   the   bills   and expenditures. Councilmember Showers seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous.   Street Committee Report A   letter   was   received   from   Penn   Dot   stating   a   car   count   will   be   taking   place   on   Poplar   Street   between   Stephen   and James   Street   and   on   Poplar   Street   between   Market   Street   and   Hemlock   Street.   Chair   Minium   asked   Dave   to   put   some cold patch in a hole at the post office on Mulberry Street. Sewer Committee Report None Water Committee Report Modern   Pump   installed   a   check   valve   for   $200   in   the   well   house.   Dave   is   working   on   his   lead   and   copper   testing   plan for the DEP violation letter.  Finance Committee Report The   current   accountant,   Robert   Morris   of   New   Bloomfield,   will   no   longer   perform   municipal   audits.   They   suggested Maher   Duessel   of   Harrisburg.   Secretary   Knellinger   researched   five   firms   total   and   they   were   the   most   affordable.   The DCED   audit   for   the   Borough   and   Water   accounts   will   be   $7,900   and   the   Municipal   Authority   Sewer   account   will   be $8,500.   Councilmember   Showers   made   the   motion   to   approve   Maher   Duessel   Accounting   Firm   to   prepare   the   DCED audit   for   2016.   Councilmember   Minium   seconded   the   motion.   Approval   was   unanimous.   The   cell   tower   agreement was finalized by the attorney and returned to Xcell Towers. Engineer’s Report A   meeting   was   held   on   February   22 nd    with   DEP   to   address   the   2015   overflow   letter   just   received.   Jen   explained   the unusual   circumstances   of   4.5”   of   rain   in   a   one   hour   time   period.   In   the   last   6   months,   the   pump   station   has   had   no overflow   situations.   Another   letter   from   DEP   should   be   issued   to   reflect   this   information.   The   Chapter   94   report   was signed   and   sent   to   DEP.   The   Chapter   110   report,   annual   water   report,   was   also   signed   and   sent   by   3/31.   The   DEP violation   and   deficiency   letter   stemming   from   the   plant   inspection   was   also   addressed.   A   response   will   be   provided   by HRG   with   Dave’s   input.   Jen   thinks   all   the   issues   have   been   addressed.   A   pressure   test   of   the   hydrants   will   occur   in May.   Solid Waste Report A truck broke down on School Street. A fall trash day was tentatively discussed. Tabled until the next meeting.  Mayor’s Report None Solicitor’s Report None Old Business Dave   checked   with   Coleman   Surplus   in   Middleburg,   they   no   longer   carry   the   trailers.   He   will   consult   with   HRG,   the generator   could   possibly   be   used   to   back   up   the   well   house   or   the   fire   house   but   three   phase   electric   is   required.   The barn   roof   is   still   leaking   after   it   was   painted   last   time.   Yoder’s   will   use   fiber   paint   for   $1,750.   Council   approved   the expense;   the   water   damage   alone   costs   a   few   hundred   in   timber   replacement   last   year.   Dave   will   also   look   into   the rubber sealer the firehouse used a few years ago.  New Business An   ecycling   pledge   from   Perry   County   Conservation   requests   to   donate   $100   or   $150,   depending   on   how   many municipalities   participate,   for   May   20   from   10-2   at   the   Newport   fairgrounds.   They   will   accept   TV   or   monitors   from computer   for   $25   each   and   other   electronics   for   $5   a   carload.      Councilmember   Hengst   made   the   motion   to   approve the   donation   to   participate   in   the   program.      Councilmember   Minium   seconded   the   motion.   Councilmember   Showers voted nay. President Roush voted yay. Motion carried.  Zoning Permits Zoning   Officer   Karl   Minium   resigned   his   position   as   of   next   month’s   meeting   on   April   4 th .   Council   is   open   to   anyone wishing to fill the position.  A   motion   was   made   by   Councilmember   Minium   to   adjourn   to   Executive   Session.   Councilmember   Hengst   seconded the motion. Return to regular session: Assistant Plant operator Joseph Baker resigned effective 2/13/17. After    multiple    advertising    and    interviews,    the    Council    and    Authority    agreed    upon    hiring    Samuel    Beers    from Lewistown   for   a   90   day   trial   period.   He   has   prior   experience   in   wastewater.   A   condition   of   employment   is   a   five   year contract for schooling, certification with a water/wastewater license and relocation to the area. A motion was made by Councilmember Minium to adjourn. Councilmember Hengst seconded the motion. The next meeting will be held Monday, April 3rdat 7:00 PM.
Photo by : John Allison  @       Riverside Framing