Photo by : John Allison  @       Riverside Framing
Millerstown Borough Council  Meeting Minutes May 1, 2017 Those   in   attendance:      President   Bill   Roush,   Council   members   Jackie   Minium,   Bruce   Hengst   and   Donna   Showers.   Secretary Karen Knellinger, Plant Manager Dave Stroup and Jen Miller and Ben Shull from HRG. President Roush presided; meeting called to order at 7:00 pm. Public and Private Concerns Chris   Foose,   Chief   of   Millerstown   Fire   Department,   and   Amber   Fegley,   fire   department   President   updated   Council   on   the newly   purchased   brush   truck.   The   lettering   was   completed   and   operating   equipment   has   been   purchased   to   place   the   truck in   service.      They   attended   the   Greenwood   Township   and   Tuscarora   Township   meetings.   The   Supervisors   all   agreed   the   fire department   needs   more   funding.   They   would   like   to   have   a   joint   meeting,   along   with   Council,   to   discuss   funding   options before   the   2018   budget   planning   begins.   They   were   informed   the   Council   donated   $25,000   towards   the   purchase   of   the   new brush   truck.   Tuscarora   Township   donated   $7,500   towards   the   purchase   of   radios   to   be   compliant   with   the   new   county   radio program. The Greenwood Township Supervisors needed more time to decide a donation amount. The   minutes   from   the   last   meeting   were   previously   emailed   and   reviewed.   President   Roush   made   the   motion   to   approve   the minutes as read. Councilmember Hengst seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous. The   bills/receipts/expenditures   were   reviewed.   Klines   Services   for   hauling   at   the   plant   has   increased.   Dave   will   review   other vendors    but    the    choices    are    limited.    Councilmember    Hengst    made    a    motion    to    approve    the    bills    and    expenditures. Councilmember Minium seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous.  Ordinance   #2017-01,   Removal   and   Impoundment   of   Illegally   Parked   Vehicles   was   drafted   and   previously   advertised   by   the Solicitor.    Councilmember    Showers    made    the    motion    to    approve    the    ordinance    as    prepared.    Councilmember    Hengst seconded   the   motion.   Approval   was   unanimous.   President   Fegley   asked   what   could   be   done   about   vehicles   illegally   parked in   the   emergency   only   parking   and   on   the   skirt   of   the   firehouse.   Council   suggested   posting   No   parking   signs   on   the   garage doors of the firehouse and painting the skirt red. This will need to wait until after the Market Street project is completed. Street Committee Report Dave   advises   Greenwood   Township   graded   Iron   Mountain   Road   and   is   hauling   in   shale,   at   no   cost   to   the   Borough   since   we maintain the snow plowing. Sewer Committee Report None Water Committee Report The   reservoir   tap   replacement   is   scheduled   for   5/15.   An   emergency   repair   was   done   to   a      pipe   that   split   long   ways   at   the   end of the square by the south island. It was repaired  Water Committee Report cont. but   Dave   is   unsure   how   long   before   the   split   continues   again.   He   suggests   making   a   plan   to   replace   aging   piping   throughout town.   This   will   need   to   be   discussed   at   the   2018   budget   planning   sessions.   The   fire   hydrant   flushing   will   need   to   be rescheduled.   The   Market   Street   project   has   too   many   inoperable   collection   boxes   for   the   water   to   drain   to   so   it   will   be delayed until they are replaced. Finance Committee Report The yearly liquid fuels audit was performed and 0.40 of interest money was found and corrected on the report. Engineers Report This   will   be   Jen   Millers   last   meeting   as   our   engineer.   Ben   Shull   will   officially   be   taking   her   position.   The   CCR   was   submitted to   Council   for   review   to   be   submitted   to   DEP   by   July   1 st .   A   sample   letter   will   be   posted   on   the   website   and   public   places   for the   violations   in   2017.   Ben   Shull   will   email   a   sample   of   the   courtesy   letter   for   the   public   to   know   about   the   violations   for   any revisions.   After   researching,   Ben   advises   the   generator   sizing   is   50kw   unit   and   a   heavy-duty   trailer   is   needed.   Dave   will contact Fayette Trailer for pricing. The chlorine conversion will continue after the valve has been completed on the 15 th Solid Waste Report Chair Minium will contact Wendy and find out a date to schedule the Fall Clean Up.  Mayors Report None Solicitors Report None Old Business The   towing   agreement   with   Iron   Mountain   Garage   will   be   a   charge   of   $75   per   tow   which   the   borough   would   receive   $15, with   reasonable   storage   fees.   The   tows   would   only   occur   as   officially   directed   and   not   one   councilmember   can   approve   a tow.    Councilmember    Showers    made    a    motion    to    approve    the    towing    fees    and    procedures.    Councilmember    Minium seconded the motion. Approval was unanimous.  Dave   is   still   waiting   on   estimates   on   the   barn   roof,   he   wants   to   include   snow   catchers   and   a   few   boards   need   to   be   replaced.     Senator DiSanto will be in the office next Wednesday for his mobile office hours. New Business Councilmember   Showers   advises   she   was   informed   of   an   unleashed   German   Shephard   on   High   Street.   She   will   get   the address of the offender and a letter can be sent. Zoning Permits Solar panels at 604 Poplar Street was approved. A motion was made by Councilmember Hengst to adjourn. Councilmember Minium seconded the motion. The next meeting will be held Monday, June 5 at 7:00 PM.
Photo by : John Allison  @       Riverside Framing