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MCSI, PO Box 193, Millerstown, PA  17062 IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS DO NOT GO UNNOTICED IN MILLERSTOWN Millerstown Community Success, Inc. (MCSI), is 501-c-3 non-profit incorporated membership organization established by volunteer citizens of the greater Millerstown Area encompassing Millerstown Borough, Tuscarora Township, and Greenwood Townships in Perry and Juniata Counties with Millerstown addresses.  The organization was incorporated in 2004 with a mission for the enhancement of the physical design and improvement and appearance of the Millerstown Square, encourage and develop community pride, stewardship of cultural assets, preservation and enhancement of  the historic character of Millerstown Borough, and to encourage and develop pride in appearance of homes and businesses. One of the ways that the organization fulfills one of its many missions is to present certificates  to property owners in recognition of recent beautification and improvement efforts at their homes and properties.  Recent certificates were presented to Ed and Emily Weger, New Harvest Community Church, Pat Goodling, Rob and Wendy Sweger, Frank and Teresa Woodard, Sweet Water Springs Farm, and Randy and Sue Spriggle.  Over the years, dozens of other area citizens have been recognized for visual and esthetic improvements of their homes and businesses. Now in its thirteenth year of operation, MCSI has raised and returned thousands and thousands of dollars to the Millerstown community to preserve and enhance the town that the organization loves and supports in so many different ways through improvement projects and donations to other organizations' projects to improve the community.  One major project was a redesign and rebuilding of the “Islands” in the Millerstown Square to make the traffic pattern more vehicular and pedestrian friendly.  This project alone cost over $36,000. Electric was also run to the islands which was donated by Greg Dunlap.  The Millerstown Community Park has also benefited from the generosity of MCSI by having a new picnic pavilion built and other items for a total of $7,500. Some home improvement projects have also been undertaken for residents who need assistance for a total of $3,000.  MCSI is very interested in encouraging people to support local business and was instrumental in erecting a new business highway sign on Routes 22-322 West.  Businesses paid to have their advertisement on the sign but MCSI's cost to have the sign erected was approximately $2,000.  New Welcome to Millerstown Signs were placed at the entrances to the Borough in memory of different citizens who made donations to help with the signs but MCSI's share of the costs was again approximately $1,800.  Lighting to the Millerstown sign off the exit from Routes 22-322 west was added at a cost of over $1,600 and the flag pole in the town square was lit with outlets added at another cost of over $1,800. Since its inception, MCSI has cleaned the town square 2 times a year and has provided new cigarette butt receptacles in addition to donated ones from area businesses.  The group is also responsible for the planting and maintaining of the floral displays in the Millerstown Square. Various donations have been made to other organizations' projects, the Millerstown Lions Club received $5,000 to help purchase the new LED lights and tree that light up the town during the Christmas holiday, the Greenwood PTO received a $2,000 donation to help build a new playground facility at the elementary school, the Historical Society of Perry County received another $2,000 to help with projects to improve the historical Cochran-Anspach home on Market Street owned by the society and the Millerstown Fire Company has received donations to help with their Christmas in Millerstown projects.  There is no end to the ways that MCSI has helped to improve and make a good community even better, and the group owes those who have supported their efforts over the years a debt of gratitude.  The group is seeking interested citizens in the area to join them on their Board of Directors or just as volunteers with their projects.  They meet the last Thursday of each month at the Millerstown Borough building at the end of High Street; meetings are held at 7 pm and usually last just one hour.  Interested persons can communicate with the group's president, Teresa Hunker at 717-512-0140 or by e-mail at . Millerstown Community Success, Inc. - MCSI In August, 2003, discussions began to take place regarding the appearance of our town square and the approaches into town, as well. Local resident Curt Black saw a need and a purpose for both visual and physical improvements, and with only a few phone calls, got a strong response from other townspeople. Many meetings have taken place at Borough Hall since that time, and the following ideas have been or will be implemented. First of all, this very website was discussed and approved before the Borough Council at their November 2003 meeting. In the first step necessary to begin the mission, new officers were voted on and installed at the January 2004 meeting. This is due to state and federal regulations pertaining to non-profit organizations seeking to obtain grants and funding for community projects and improvements. The present committee now consists of the following volunteers : Teresa Hunker, President Harold Brookhart, Vice President Sherry Black, Treasurer Shelby Hile, Secretary Board of Directors ... Curt Black, Larry, Shelby and Clint Hile, Donna Showers, Harold & Olga Brookhart. Committee Chairs - Funding- Curt Black, Beautification- Shelby Hile, Christmas in Millerstown- Donna Showers Supporting Members ... Mid Savercool, Pastor Bob Meyer, Annette Levan, Bob Finicle. The purpose of this organization is to beautify and revitalize the borough of Millerstown while preserving its historical significance. Millerstown is a small rural community in northeastern Perry County. It is the oldest planned community in the county and at one time had the most stone buildings in the state of Pennsylvania. The surrounding area is agriculture based land and the borough is home to people employed in the town and surrounding areas, including Harrisburg and Lewistown. We are asking you to support our endeavors. We realize that we will need to meet our goals and objectives without burdening the citizens of Millerstown. Your support, either personally, financially, technically, or politically will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, The volunteers of Millerstown Community Success, Inc.                  MCSI recently  donated money towards the new square decorations/lights. MCSI also just purchased the wagon for the square! It will be decorated for all the seasons and incorporated into the square beautification.
Please contact Teresa Hunker with questions/concerns/suggestions, or would like to help or join MCSI.
Photo by : John Allison  @       Riverside Framing