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Greenwood Township Greenwood Township was originally formed on March 25, 1767, from a part of the territory of Fermanagh Township, an original township of Cumberland County. At the July 1767 session of the Cumberland County Court, the boundaries of Fermanagh Township were fixed as follows: Beginning at the mouth of Cocalamus Creek, up the north side of the Juniata, and to terminate at the middle of the Long Narrows, thence along the mountain to the head of Cocalamus Creek; thence down the said creek to the place of beginning. That part of Greenwood Township north of the Cocolamus, including Millerstown, was in Fermanagh Township, and it remained so until the organization of Mifflin County (which included present day Juniata County) on September 19, 1789. The boundaries of Greenwood Township were defined in July of 1767 as Beginning at McKee's path on the Susquehanna River; thence down the said river to the mouth of the Juniata River; thence up the Juniata River to the mouth of Cocalamus; thence up the same to the crossing of McKee's path; thence by the said path to the place of beginning. When Mifflin County was organized, in 1789, all that part of Greenwood that lay between the present county line and McKee's Path became Greenwood Township, in Mifflin County, (now Juniata), and that part of Fermanagh Township that lay south of the present county line and north of the Cocolamus Creek was attached to Greenwood Township, in Perry County. In 1799, Buffalo Township was created and took off the territory now comprised of Buffalo, Howe and Watts Townships. In 1823, it was again divided by the erection of Liverpool Township. January 4, 1854, a petition was presented to the Perry County courts asking that the lines and boundaries of Greenwood Township be altered and a portion of Juniata (now in Tuscarora) Township, lying in the Raccoon Valley, bordering the river, become a part and so remained until the erection of Tuscarora Township, in 1859, when it became a part of that township. Greenwood Township as now defined contains twenty-five square miles, and is bounded on the north by Delaware and Greenwood Townships in Juniata County, on the east by Liverpool Township, on the south by Buffalo and Howe Townships, and on the west by the Juniata River. It is composed of two valleys, Pfoutz and Perry.   Tuscarora Township Tuscarora Township was established January 3,1858, out of lands which had been included in Greenwood and Juniata Townships. The name came from the historic Tuscarora Mountains named for the Tuscarora Indians who lived in the region. Among the first settlers was Robert Larimer, who took up land above the present Millerstown on Raccoon Creek, August 1, 1766. Archibald Louden acquired land in the township in 1767. He later wrote Louden's Narratives. These narratives tell of the Indian raids into the area. Other early settlers were Blacks, Bulls, Robinsons, and Henches. The township borders Juniata County at the crest of the Tuscarora Mountain on the north, Saville Township on the west, Juniata and Oliver Townships on the south, and the Juniata River on the east. Parallel with the Tuscarora Mountain is Ore Ridge, a low elevation. Raccoon Valley, the most fertile and largest valley in the township, lies between Ore Ridge and Raccoon Ridge. Sugar Run and Buckwheat Valleys lie between Raccoon Ridge and Hominy Ridge, which is the boundary line between the townships.
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