TVR 2021
Water/Sewer/Trash Bills Payment Clarifications Water/Sewer/Trash Bills have 3 distinct dates which need to be observed to avoid late fees and delinquency notices. The first is the current 'Billed On' date, which is when the charges were computed. Second is the 'Due in 30 Days' date. The bill should be paid before that date. The third is the 'Late On' date, at which time a 10% late fee is applied without excuse or exception. Paying the bill before the 'next quarter' is not sufficient to avoid fees. Accounts which fall behind more than 2 quarters or billing cycles will be considered delinquent and scheduled for shutoff, which carries additional penalties of $60 to turn off service, and $60 again when service is restored after full payment of account. There are and will be no exceptions to these policies as per Borough ordinances. Read the following as many times as necessary! 2nd Qtr Bills: ( April, May & June) - It seems these are the most frequently thrown away because they are in the regular envelopes regardless that they are stamped 'Invoice Enclosed'. DO NOT DISCARD! If your bill has not been received by the 6th of the month in January, April, July, & October , call the office BEFORE your bill is late. Blaming it on "I threw it out" or "The Post Office never sent it" does not get the late fee waived. Your sewer/water bill should be and probably is the most important payment you can make, even more so than electric, cable or cell phone. Treat it accordingly. Question - How can I avoid having my water shut off because of a delinquent bill? Answer - Pay your bill by the due date or call the Borough Office to make payment in full arrangements. Occasional Cloudy Water Also, in regards to Water service, be aware that the Borough schedules Fire Hydrant flushing and Water Valve exercise during the months of April and October each year. Your water may appear cloudy during and shortly after these procedures; however, no long term problems or hazards result from these maintenance tasks.
Photo by : John Allison  @       Riverside Framing